The Name and People Behind the PPG Revolution

About Adcquire

The Name

The Adcquire name comes from the combination of Ad & Acquire and its exactly the purpose behind the Adcquire’s advertising platform:


Adcquire’s revolutionary marketing platform is an incredible tool for advertisers to entice consumers with consumer goods. It is an online advertising platform that goes beyond the online aspect and into the real physical world.


Adcquire provides the consumer with advertisements that are based on touch, first-contact and interactivity resulting in increased focus on the product itself, which translates into increased memory and conversion.



Pay-Per-Grab – Unlike search engine giants, most of your advertising budget goes directly to the people interacting with your advertisement instead of the search engine company. Users acquire credits each time they interact with a product – these credits can be redeemed into real money or gift cards.


Acquire 2:
As a marketing tool, Adcquire provides with fantastic market discovery and analytics tools. Each grab event is collected and processed in real time. Beautiful reports about the demographics, including age, gender, geo-location are collected with each campaign. Through survey tools, an incredible amount of market discovery information can be retrieved and collected to generate a truly amazing picture that can be used for R&D.


Advertisers not only acquire invaluable information but through higher conversion they acquire more consumers to their products.

The Company

Adcquire Inc. has its roots from a secret project of W.A.R.D - the advance research division of WeWi Telecommunications Inc. The concept quickly developed independently into the Adcquire model.

The company’s founders come from various backgrounds combining many years of experience in Enterprise\Web Application Development, Telecommunications, Marketing, Market Research as well as Psychology. The core development team is comprised of very experienced software and network engineers that have been involved in the development of enterprise software for international organizations such as banks, the automotive industry, and insurance and military networks. Some of the team members have also been heavily involved in building frameworks for the monetization of web content via online marketing platforms as well as multimedia applications.

Our Blog

Yes, we have a blog and feel free to visit it! The blog features news about development releases, quick updates, information about new features releases and some personal stuff about us and our company.

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