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Adcquire provides you with a unique and revolutionary advertising platform, but it isn’t just an advertising platform. It is also an incredibly useful analytics system that allows you to discover how people react to your product. Each and every grab event information for every campaign, may it be a current or past campaign, it is stored on our servers and is made available to you.


Grab Events:

A Grab Event stores all your campaign data, coupled with information on the user that conducted the grab. The identity behind the grabs is completely anonymous to us and yourself, but we know what kind of person they are – Their age group, their gender and of course the user’s location (city scale, not exact location). This gives you an amazing discovery tool for finding out who are the people interacting with your ads, and more importantly, your products

A search engine simply cannot do that for you. Not only you can you be assured they held your product and got familiar with it, but you also find out if they were a woman or a man, where they are from, and their age group.

Reports allow you to collect this data in many different ways, display them in graphs, or download data sheets for extremely valuable use to your marketing and R&D teams.

Thinking about a new product? Combine the data you have acquired from Adcquire, together with sales reports and you’ll have a good idea what to launch next and when, who to launch the product for and with Adcquire’s surveys in the mix, you’ll even be able to fine tune details about what people really want from or think about your products and adjust your next product accordingly to make it better for everyone.

Adcquire is an advertising tool, yes, but it is also one of the most powerful, real-time market research tools available to you for free with your campaigns.

Grab Reports allow you to find out information about the activities of Grab Events of your campaign as well as some important but anonymous user data.

You can choose to analyze one campaign or many together waging one against another. When generating a report you can choose what information you would like to discover about your campaign:

- Campaign Costs - What was the overall cost of your campaign
- Total Grabs - How many people interacted with your product
- Survey Participation - How many people participated in a Survey
- Age Groups - Find out how many and which age groups of people are interacting with you product
- Gender Groups - Find out how the gender of the groups of people that have interacted with your product
- Quiz success rates - Discover if people are having difficulties or finding the information available about your product easy to understand.
- Geo-locations - Find out how many people interacted with your products in which continents, regions and cities of the world.

Instant Analytics - Monitoring your campaigns in Real-Time

Adcquire Analytic Tools allow you to monitor your campaigns in real time. Find out exactly when people are interacting with your products and generate your reports right after. It's simple and fast.

Discovery your market through magical tools

The real magic happens behind the screen.

Our analytics tools allow you to monitor your campaigns and target them to a specific audience.

But there is a lot more behind the scenes - its also an incredible tools for market discovery through surveys