The Name and People Behind the PPG Revolution

About Adcquire

Adcquire’s HQ in London, Ontario, and offers a phenomenal collaborative work environment. Relaxed hours, fun activities and other perks that are a great deal of fun, but what makes working for us unique is the opportunity itself – To work on the most innovative product currently in the market, and to work amongst some of the most talented people and to be considered as such yourself.

We hire and reward our talent because we thoroughly believe the future of our company is in innovation. And that can only come to fruition using the skills and expertise of our team members.


Innovation, open discussions and creativity are extremely important to us and encouraged as well as rewarded in our work place.


- Administrative Assistant for Sales Development Team
- Administrative Assistant for CRM Team


Design & UX
- No positions available currently


- Analyst – Business Intelligence Product Manager
- Software Engineer – Backend
- Software Engineer – Performance & Scale
- Software Engineer - Mobile
- Software Engineer – Web App Developer


- No positions available currently


Human Resources
- No positions available currently


Marketing & Research
- No positions available currently


Sales & Business Development

- Director of Customer Relations

- Account Executives
- CRM Specialists

How to contact us

For all work inquiries please contact human resources at:

Please include the following in your email:
- Cover Letter & Resume/CV
- References List

Our Blog

Yes, we have a blog and feel free to visit it! The blog features news about development releases, quick updates, information about new features releases and some personal stuff about us and our company.

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Our Facebook Page


Our very own “social footprint” page where we share information, have open discussions about the mobile application as well as the rich features behind the scenes. .