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Frequently Asked Questions

Which industries do you serve?
What type of products can be advertised?
What type of barcodes are supported?
Are there any clickthrough rates, Quality Scores like search engine Pay-Per-Click advertising has?
How long does it take to review and activate a campaign?
Is this safe?
I’m an advertising agency, can I manage campaigns for different brands under the same account?
How can I view my ads?
Is there a SandBox Available to test my campaigns?
What about API? Can I develop applications for Adcquire?
Does Adcquire costs money to register an account?
How does Adcquire makes money if there are no registration costs?
Who are the people behind Adcquire Inc. ?
I'm an advertising preofessional, how can I become an Adcquire Certified Publisher?



Q: Which industries do you serve?
A: We support all industries except for adult industries. A good example for industries that can make best use for advertising with Adcquire are:

Consumables (Food & Beverages)
Health Care & Hygiene
Fashion and accessories
Home and Décor

It’s easier for us to support these industries as they offer consumer products that are easily accessible at thousands of conveniently located retail establishments.

That being said, there are plenty of opportunities for niche brands as well as service oriented businesses to make use of Pay-Per-Grab advertising – Unlike online searches, people come to your stores or businesses to be rewarded by gathering information they can be tested on. If you have any product or service you would like to share with the world, you can find good uses for Adcquire in your advertising campaigns.

Q: What type of products can be advertised?
A: Your imagination is the limit!
From food products to electronics, healthcare & hygiene to toys, everything that can be legally sold can also be advertised. And not just products – Want to advertise your business? Offering any type services? You can print a pamphlet and include the QR code in the print – People can even be asked to participate in a 15 minute product demonstration after which they can scan a QR code to receive their reward –

PROHIBITED CONTENT: There are no limits to how creative you can get with advertising with Adcquire. However a few things we can’t allow:
Any product/service which promotes or its uses involve any type Illegal activity: For example:

Drug abuse
Illegal substances
Counterfeit products
Human trafficking
Animal Trafficking/smuggling/cruelty or abuse
Adult services in countries where such services have been outlawed
Gambling products or services in countries where they have been outlawed

No products, services or promotions of any political nature are allowed!

Q: What types of barcodes are supported?
A: The following barcodes are all supported: UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, QR Code, Code 39, Code 128, ITF, Data Matrix, Code 93, and RSS14.

You should only care about inserting the numbers of the barcode on your product; our system will do the rest for you in categorizing which barcode type your product belongs to. QR codes will be generated automatically for your product by our system if you choose to use a QR code. We highly recommend the QR codes for small businesses, or businesses that are focused on services rather than consumer products

Q: Are there any clickthrough rates, Quality Scores like search engine Pay-Per-Click advertising has?
A: No! Our analysts review each and every advertisement before they activate it. While we have an automated system that checks the quality of each submission, everything ultimately goes through a human eye that will assess each submission carefully - If it passed, your campaign will be active and your ad will show up whenever people search or use the browser.
Unlike complicated search engine advertising which requires a team of experts to reach good results (which are more often than not some form of voodoo rather than science as no one really has access to search algorithms used by the search engine giants) , you don’t have to worry about S.E.O, or how many people interact with your ad or how long people have visited your product. It’s very straight forward – the higher the PPG amount your campaign will have, the better exposure it will have, the more likely people will scan your product and answer question on it.   

Q: How long does it take to review and activate a campaign?
A: We are committed to review your campaign within 24 hours. However, it usually takes only a few hours for us to review and activate (or return some feedback for changes that may be required). During this time your campaign status will display “Pending” -  If more than 24 hours have passed, please contact customer support.

Q: Is this safe?
A: in short, yes. All the transactions are done via an extremely secure Ecommerce and CRM suite provided by SalesForce.  We left the credit card processing and financials to the hands that are the most trusted on the net. We do not store visa information, and the campaign records that are kept, are kept in extremely secure databases that adhere to all North American government regulations and business standards.

Adcquire was built by some of the industry leading developers that have extensive professional experience in ecommerce and software security for banks and other large commercial applications. We have also undergone extensive penetration testing and are constantly keeping up to date with the latest penetration techniques to build and maintain a secure environment. Our servers are also hosted with maximum security features and industry Best Practices which are maintained through self-assessment and benchmarking to assure the quality of our service. 

Q: I’m an advertising agency, can I manage campaigns for different brands under the same account?
A: Yes, you sure can! You just need to remember to have a valid Brand approval agreement with each brand/company you will be representing. You can download the Brand Approval Form here. Once completed you can upload the form to your account and you will be able to assign each form to the appropriate brand/product campaign.

It is very easy to view the analytics for each campaign or for a group of campaigns. Reports are available to each campaign individually or as a group.

Q: How can I view my ads?
A:  Adcquire acts like a unique product browser that is accessible via the mobile phone applications or an Adcquire account which is available to all users online – to view your ads you can download the iPhone or Android applications for free. If you would like to test your ads without installing the free applications on your mobile device you can simply create a user account in -  Simply log-in as a user and browse for your product.

Q: Is there a SandBox Environment Available to test my campaigns?
A: We currently do not offer a Sand Box environment as the nature of this service is built upon human interaction with your products and your campaigns. There is no such requirement for a testing as unlike pay-per-view or pay-per-click, Adcquire offers a very direct approach to knowing how many people will see and interact with your products. We do have our own testing server where we test new services and features before we introduce them to the live servers.

Q: What about API? Can I develop applications for Adcquire?
A: Adcquire has an API but we are currently not giving public access to the documentation. Please follow us on our blog or facebook page to learn when we will be releasing the API documentation.

Q: Does Adcquire charge money to register an account?
A: No. We don’t charge for registering an account with Adcquire.

Q: How does Adcquire makes money if there are no registration costs?
A: Adcquire makes money by taking a small percentage of grabs. Unlike search engine companies, we transfer most of our money to the users interacting with your advertisements instead of keeping it all to ourselves. 

Q: Who are the people behind Adcquire Inc. ?
A: Please read our executive’s bios on the About Us page

Q: I'm an advertising preofessional, how can I become an Adcquire Certified Publisher?
A: Adcquire is an exciting new way of mobile advertising and we appreciate your interest in sprucing up your skills on your resume with education on this new technology. We will be offering Individual and Company certification programs – The certificate requires you to pass a proficiency exam. To receive more information and learn on the availability of these programs please sign up here.

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