Large Brands & Small to Medium Companies

Platform Features

The Adcquire Platform Features:

- An extremely complex system that measures records and processes each interaction with each product – allowing you to generate reports and mine for important market data.

- Gives you complex tools to manage your campaign, with goals, population target settings, target logics etc.

- The first marketing platform that gives you incredibly strong market data information at the same time that it markets your product.

- Platform available in several languages for two of the most popular mobile smartphone platforms – iOS & Android

- Complex and fluid interaction between mobile applications and servers.

- The first and only marketing medium to guarantee quantification of:
Consumption of information
Comprehension of information

- The most effective, test proven tool for short term and long term engagement that can lead to offline/replicated interaction through product discovery via positive rewarding mechanism.

- Much more efficient than traditional advertising.

- Lead to Conversion – Advanced survey tools give you the ability to convince people to buy your products as opposed to your competitors. At the same time, these tools help you gain market invaluable market knowledge that you would have otherwise paid for a great deal of money;
o Survey tool - Prepare simple surveys about your products and encourage users to buy your products and answer questions about them by giving them a little more extra credits.

For example: The consumer has many choices when buying toothpaste – which one will they choose? A tiny push, such as extra credits to buy your product as opposed to the competitor’s can be all that is required. Who knows, they may not only convert into costumers, but also repeat ones! After all, retention is the main goal which is sought after by traditional forms of advertisement, which is also the most elusive, and difficult to measure.

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Discovery your market

The real magic happens behind the screen.

Our analytics tools allow you to monitor your campaigns and target them to a specific audience.

But there is a lot more behind the scenes - its also an incredible tool for market discovery through surveys