Adcquire's Mobile Client - Connecting you and Hundreds of Millions of Mobile Users

What are Grab Events?

The mobile application collects Grab Events –

A grab event is when a user picks up your product, scans it, and answers it correctly. Each event will communicate to our servers key information about that event:


Time, Date
Answer results (how many attempts)
Age Group of the user
Gender Group of the user
Geo-Location data


We don’t share any private information, such as the identity or contact information of the user as it has no use for market discovery. It’s what we call ethical data-mining; where users are anonymous.


Grab events allow you to monitor your campaigns in real time – when a user grabs your product, scans it and answers the question you’ve requested them to answer you will then instantaneously see it on your campaign’s management panel.

Here how it works:

1- The user will scan an item to retrieve its barcode
2- The barcode will be then transferred to our server to request for the quiz information
3- The information will be sent to the mobile phone and displayed to the user.
4- If the user answered the Quick Quiz correctly a Grab Event Record will be sent back to the server and stored.

We’ve worked very hard to make this entire process secure.

Unlike online advertising, where website owners can really take advantage of your campaigns by setting up sophisticated background clicks (where the user never sees your advertisement) there is no chance to do the same with our application – each grab is real, completely!

Did you Know that...

Some of the biggest and best brands and marketers are the victims to a scam orchestrated by pornography sites? Yes, your online marketing budget is unfortunately wasted on junk pages, fake web traffc - No one is actually seeing or clicking your ads. About 31% of your budget is wasted on that fraud which online advertising firms are trying really hard to combat.


Mobile Marketing is safer


With Adcquire you can be sure that your ad is going to the right place and to the right people. There can be no background clicks or fake traffic - And as opposed to online marketing where the scammers are getting as good, if not better then the people trying to block them, with mobile marketing they are very limited to what they can do.