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Pioneering Touch Advertising - Incentive Product Education

We've invented a New Way to Advertise...


Research shows that a consumer is more likely to remember and purchase a new product they've held as opposed to competing products they've only seen in a commercial, especially if that commercial was during an event where it wasn't the main course of attention. Even more so, when the spaces the advertisements occupy are congested by competing advertisements, all of which are predisposed to environmental distractions which will further degrade the attention to their message by the observer


The most successful tool for conversion is encouraging a consumer to hold a product and acquire information about it. This is where Adcquire comes in:


Direct-Response Marketing is one of the most rewarding marketing methodologies and yet it has always been more difficult to achieve as it requires active participation. With our busy daily lives, who has time to call, send an email or fill out an application when we just want to get to know a product?

Adcquire engages people by having them answer a very quick one question quiz about your product. They may not know what the question may be, thus encouraged to read your product’s packaging before they take the quick quiz. To make sure they are actually holding your product, they are required to scan the product’s barcode to start the quiz. It takes them seconds to complete and they get rewarded for it.


1- They hold your Product

2- They carefuly focus on the information about your product

3- They answer a question about the information they have just processed

4- They get rewarded

Unprecedented ROI

Instead of budgeting hundreds of thousands of dollars to a firm to create a cool ad, pay actors, and then pay for expensive air-time for something that won’t guarantee people will actually be tentative to, why not give that money to the people? their time for your time. Quite simple! It’s more likely they’ll end up buying your products, now that they’ve learned about it, and have more money to spend.

Think of it this way – They “tune in” to your product while physically interacting with it – This is what we call Immersive Product Discovery – The Holy Grail in marketing – We’ve pioneered it.

Easy & Affordable

Adcquire is very simple to use; in fact, it is much simpler than standard online advertising. If you’ve ever managed an online marketing campaign, you’ll be able to jump right in. If not, not a problem, after one short tutorial you’ll be an expert!

View this Video Introduction Tutorial - See how simple it is to advertise your products with Adcquire.

Small Businesses

No UPC codes? No problem! We generate QR codes for you to print and use with your products or services. Because each QR code is unique both to your user account and your product, no one else other then you can use the code to advertise on Adcquire!

Real revolution for Consumer Products

Online Advertising isn't very effective with daily consumer products.

Pay-Per-Grab advertising, however is indeed online, but it is also mobile and very direct. with PPG people are not at their desks and they are not at their homes - They are at the best place you want them to be – at the store buying or looking to buy stuff they need.