Large Brands & Small to Medium Companies

Adcquire as a Powerful Market Research Tool


Adcquire is a double-sided product discovery tool – Customers get to learn about your product and you get to learn about your customers. It is the most comprehensive and most innovative marketing tool currently available.


While people interact with your Adcquire ad, they interact with your product. We instantly identified this revolutionary business method as an opportunity for harvesting valuable market intelligence that can go as far as your imagination can.


When you are considering entering a new market, or when you seek to understand the market your brand is currently engaged with through different perspective, market research provides you with a knowledge base from which you can study, assess and consider new approaches.


Perhaps you have a new product in development and would like to identify business opportunities, future growth drivers and key trends, or gain actionable intelligence on existing new markets – Adcquire’s surveys deliver you with real-time market intelligence data that can be used to propel your R&D efforts and highly reduce the heavy costs of continuous sampling and re-engineering.


You can hire a market research firm to conduct market research – or perhaps even purchase one available through those firms. This costs a lot of money, and the end result will not be all too different than those you can achieve using our surveys.


More so, since people interact with your product, it is likely the results will be more focused than the standard methods utilized for attaining market intelligence.


Your surveys are coupled with the Grab Event data. This means that you can gain Customer’s preferences and knowledge, which are combined to Customer Base.


- Learn about your market size.
- Learn about usage frequency.
- Learn about market penetration rates.
- Lean about Market Drivers.
- Learn about your Customer Base.
- Discovery of new market segments.


With such knowledge you can easily detect potential business models, customer needs and requirements, as well as have a better grasp on social market characteristics.


Market Research is this easy to create, and is this easy to pay for.


It is incredibly easy to create surveys – the intuitive interface is comfortable and stress-free, enabling you to create your surveys in minutes! It’s not only easy, but we do all the dirty work for you – our survey logics will calculate and arrange all the data for you in easy layouts which you can review or save to your computer for use with any spreadsheet tool of your preference.


While you could pay up to $10,000 for ready-made reports from respectable research firms, you will pay even more when performing a customized research initiative by these firms.


With Adcquire, your market research costs you only as much as you want it to cost. Instead of paying a market research firm to invite thousands of participants to conduct surveys, which is a logistical nightmare to start with, inherently flawed due to the participants not being your natural immediate consumer base, not to mention extremely costly, furthermore having analysts making sense of the data they’ve acquired with their own derived metrics. Adcquire survey participants come according to their own will, our algorithms will make sense of the data for you, and will also display them in pretty pie charts to take to your team.


You create your surveys together with a product campaign. While the survey will be independent from the campaign, the context doesn’t have to be. You can ask anything that like in any way you would like it. There are simply no limits.


When your campaign is active, the survey associated with that campaign will also be, but you can always turn your survey off during the time your campaign is active.

After your survey targets are complete, you will be able to generate a report and collect the invaluable data you have just collected.