Adcquire's Mobile Client - Connecting you and Hundreds of Millions of Mobile Users

Mobile Application

The Adcquire App is available for both iOS and Android Operating systems. That means we have access to over 300 Million mobile users and the number is growing fast.
It’s a Free Application that not only costs nothing but generates money to the users.

In Online marketing terms, think of the application as a tool for content owners to generate revenue from their website by allowing advertisements to display on their website and have visitors clicking on these ads. Instead of content, however, our users share their time and attention.

There is a lot of noise about the benefit of mobile advertising in that it allows for location based advertising. Adcquire is local and global at the same time. It is local in that all the consumer goods that are being advertised are readily available close to the users – variety stores around the corner, Retail stores, malls and giant chain stores are always very close. At the same time, we can introduce the users to smaller businesses that sell goods and services in their cities –


Campaigns can be limited to one city at a time or can span the entire globe. If they are restricted to single locations we make certain users can’t see items that are not in their proximity, thus eliminating the waste of your resources and budget.

Mobile advertising is great because its everywhere – no need for waiting for a billboard to become available, no need to fight for airtime during prime time. Adcquire makes it even better – There is no need to bid against keywords. Unlike search engines that require a heavy dosage of adjustment of campaigns and changing your website content around until you start receiving a good quality score so that your advertisement will finally display, we made it simple – You advertise, your add will show up. The only thing you bid on is how much you would like to reward people for their attention to your product.


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The application is extremely light and simple to use.

While Scanning and the Quick Quiz are the main features of this app, users are also able to store items to memory (we call it the “ScanBox”) to help them remember to scan certain items when they arrive to the store. The Scan Box will also remind them the time limit you have set on your campaigns. Its that simple.

Did you Know that...

Some of the biggest and best brands and marketers are the victims to a scam orchestrated by pornography sites? Yes, your online marketing budget is unfortunately wasted on junk pages, fake web traffc - No one is actually seeing or clicking your ads. About 31% of your budget is wasted on that fraud which online advertising firms are trying really hard to combat.


Mobile Marketing is safer


With Adcquire you can be sure that your ad is going to the right place and to the right people. There can be no background clicks or fake traffic - And as opposed to online marketing where the scammers are getting as good, if not better than the people trying to block them, with mobile marketing they are very limited to what they can do.