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Pay-Per-Grab™ Advertising - The Forward Evolution of Advertising

An Immersive Product Discovery system


Pay-Per-Click isn’t a new concept. Web giants have paved the way to the popularity of online marketing. In its core is keywords bidding concept where you select how much you are willing to pay for someone to click on your advertisement. Generally, the more you pay, the more the ad will be displayed through the affiliates (news sites, blogs, etc) or have first page placement in the search engine.

The affiliates get paid a small percentage for “parking” your ads on their websites. Their visitors, those who click these ads, get nothing in return.
Pay-Per-Grab is similar in some ways but very different on others:


- Keywords bidding is somewhat the same – Although much easier, with no requirements for complicated search engine ratings

- People are interacting with your products, instead of reading a blog and maybe stumbling upon your advertisement – We call it a Grab, because essentially, it is exactly what they do.

- Unlike the web giants, we transfer the majority of the PPG credits to the people conducting the grabs.


Pay-Per-Click - PPC doesn’t really addresses daily consumer products

Why do we think so?

How often do you find yourself typing “Soap” or “Yogurt” into your search engine? Not very often. While you might be a manufacturer of such daily consumer products, and thus looking out for your competitors marketing efforts, you will be surprised with how little people actually look for daily consumables or other type of daily products on search engines.

PPC is great for services and electronics - specifically for conducting research on what other people think about one product or the other, or perhaps where to buy it. How about the items on ones' weekly shopping cart? It usually has little effect to how your consumer discover your products.

The worst part? How often do you think people will look on the web for your product in order to put it down in their shopping list? They are sitting in front of a computer screen, at home or at work, mostly occupied with answering emails, checking their social media profiles and browsing through incredible amount of information.

Pay Per Grab is everything PPC is not – It’s an interactive product discovery at the right place, at the right time.

Surely PPC viewers are browsing the net through keywords that activate your ads, but with PPG people are not at their desks and they are not at their homes - They are at the best place you want them to be – at the store buying or looking to buy stuff they need.

Marketing is ultimately all about conversion

Marketing is not just about product awareness. It is much more than that – Marketing is about results, and these results are all about conversion – meaning, how many people end up buying your product after tuning in to your marketing efforts.
In Conversion, proximity is everything
Proximity is presenting your product at the right time at the right place – that is, when the consumer is looking for a product such as yours, and when they are in the product reach.

Proximity & Conversion in standard marketing channels:

TV is great for the buzz, if you’re lucky enough to have a great TV Ad (which must have cost you a fortune in production and airing costs) – You might have paid for incredible visuals, hired actors, or had cinematic music but when there are hundreds of others you get noise instead of a product buzz.
How many times have you browsed through the aisles in the grocery store scratching your head to remember what was the product you saw on one commercial? It happens to all of us, especially when you’ve watched hundreds of these commercials during the course of the week.
Proximity for conversion?

Timing – Lousy at best. Short term memory, disinterest due to too much noise, they’re in the middle of their favorite show – thanks for cutting in.

Location – Last we checked a sofa isn’t much of a transportation vehicle (except an imaginary one). The distance from the sofa to a shopping list, let alone to the nearest supermarket is far for those looking to escape the day they just had at work or at school.

Adcquire’s PPG

The proximity is at maximum – They are at the store, holding you’re product. Better yet, they have their wallet with them, and a shopping cart ready to receive a grocery list full of To-Buy items:

Shopping lists are a beautiful opportunity:

- Milk
- Eggs
- Bacon
- Shampoo
- Orange Juice
- Cookies

What you usually don’t see in shopping lists is:
- Aunty Laura™ Cow Farms 2% Milk
- Happy Organic Power Chicken™ White label Farms Eggs
- Steve’s Yum Yum™ Bacon stripes
- PowerPro Silk labs™ Shampoo
- EarlySun Juices and Fruits™ Orange Juice
- HopHopParty Bakery & Sons Ltd. ™ Chocolate Chip Cookies

What’s our point? Shopping lists aren’t made of brands. They are made of things we need. It’s never too late to entice us with new brands - And what better way to let them know how amazing your product is than having people hold it in their hands and read about it?

Small Businesses

No UPC codes? No problem! We generate QR codes for you to print and use with your products or services. Because each QR code is unique both to your user account and your product, no one else other then you can use the code to advertise on Adcquire!

Real revolution for Consumer Products

Online Advertising isn't very effective with daily consumer products.

Pay-Per-Grab advertising, however is indeed online, but it is also mobile and very direct. with PPG people are not at their desks and they are not at their homes - They are at the best place you want them to be – at the store buying or looking to buy stuff they need.