The Name and People Behind the PPG Revolution

Who We Are

Roland Carson- Director


Roland brings many years of software development and data warehousing. For the past 18 years he has worked in North American IT industry on various large-scale projects in different capacities. Roland is a veteran developer with a rich development record for Fortune 500 companies ranging in financial, insurance and automotive industries. He holds university degree in computer science and two diplomas in Information Technology. He is also a member of Institute of Data Processing Management(UK) and Association of System Managers. He's a strong believer in using technology to improve societies. Roland is also serving as the C.E.O of Illio Inc.


David M. Snir - Director


Founder and the idea guy behind Adcquire, David is an inventor of software, communications and mechanical designs. Quickly after graduating from The University of Western Ontario David began patenting his ideas and bringing some of them to life. David has been extremely involved with various development projects requiring his project management skills and multifaceted understanding of artificial intelligence and cognitive neuropsychology (an area for which David has authored a book which was well received within the academia). Through his passion for technology and communications, David has also been developing websites and multimedia projects for over 12 years – Among his many hobbies David is also an experienced marketing professional with a good eye for design and aesthetics. David is also serving as C.E.O of WeWi Telecommunications Inc. as well as a chairman of the board of directors for the Non-Profit Corporation, The Royal International Society for the Advancement of Telecommunications.


Babak Motamedi - Director


Babak brings with him an extensive knowledge in marketing, business and psychology. A graduate of The University of Western Ontario and Humber College Babak has a substantial experience in project management, market research and analysis. Babak has been an extremely in-demand small business consultant for more than a decade. He brings with him strong analytical/problem solving skills as well as a keen eye for business logistics and risk management.Babak is also serving as the C.O.O of WeWi Telecommunications Inc. and the secretary of the Non-Profit Corporation, The Royal International Society for the Advancement of Telecommunications.


Ronny Quint

Ronny can be described as a Programming Guru and a Math Geek. A graduate of The University of Western Ontario, Ronny has been involved in some of the most complex web application development projects ever to be seen (or sometimes unseen as their function) to the public. He’s a critical thinker with a prodigious capacity for writing code. Ronny brings with him years of IT project management skills, system analysis and of course incredible amount of development experience. He has been a consultant for large institutions and companies which were acquired by Fortune. 500 companies


Yoram Snir

Yoram started his career in the air force as a fighter jet pilot. Following his service, Yoram became a Software Engineer and continued to work for the military’s advance research division. Yoram designed and developed award-winning technologies for the air force and the military including a network to command & monitor air traffic, strategic operations and ballistics. Yoram has also been involved with the development of some of the first networks for remote education and monitoring to various institutions. He is extremely knowledgeable with complex data networks and database infrastructure. Yoram is also serving as the C.T.O of WeWi Telecommunications Inc.


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