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Why Adcquire?

Its Global, Its “local” – Its mobile and physical.




With Millions of Smart Phone users across the world, your brand will reach a vast population of people that are looking to learn about new products. Can a TV ad do that?





People interact with your products when they go shopping in their nearest grocery stores, retail stores or mall. What better way to reach them then when they are looking to buy something? The products are available locally. But they are also available nationally or even globally – Can local marketing do that?





Wherever they go, we go with them. After all, a couch is not the place they will necessarily remember a product from a TV advertisement. In contrast, as they shop, they are in the zone to discover and learn about your products.





What better way to advertise than to have people physically holding your product and reading about its unique characteristics? They learn & we test them – making sure they understood what makes it unique – There’s no better chance for remembering it then being tested on their knowledge of the product – It will help them make knowledgeable purchase decisions in the future.




While you won’t know who exactly grabbed your product, you will know their gender and age range. Furthermore, the Adcquire platform gives you everything you would have expected from online marketing, and much more. With reports and analytics tools, Adcquire gives you all the right tools to conduct market research about your products at the same time you are advertising it



Its incredibly more effective then TV campaigns, Online Marketing & Print




Product advertising is usually where online marketing fails - Clutter of information and awareness to online advertising spaces within pages help online users ignore ads.
TV campaigns- Sure they reach millions, but they cost millions too. And there is no guarantee they’ll remember or understand any of it. Example? 5 out of 7 people switch channels, mute the TV, go to the kitchen or use their phones during TV commercials. Making TV marketing extremely inefficient.
Print – Surprisingly one of the most expensive advertising mediums, especially magazines, print has been decaying drastically in the past years. With today’s mobile, always-on generation, the numbers are expected to get much worse. Sad reality, but one that advertiser’s and industry leaders must adapt to.




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Discovery your market

The real magic happens behind the screen.

Our analytics tools allow you to monitor your campaigns and target them to a specific audience.

But there is a lot more behind the scenes - its also an incredible tool for market discovery through surveys